W2CSS is a program which produces CSS class definitions by transforming Word files into HTML file.

What is CSS?

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are used to separate design from content. The CSS give styles to HTML pages, give structure to documents and is used for consistency in style. CSS can be made in HTML, or by using different tools such as Dreamweaver, FrontPage and W2CSS etc.


The W2CSS is a program which executes with MS Word on the front end. This translator program gets MS Word file as an input, process the file, translate the paragraph and words in to CSS and creates HTML file as an output. Such HTML files are always easy to understand and all elements such as bullets, numbers, pictures, headings etc are labeled with a CSS “class”. This CSS style file can be reused by other HTML documents.

W2CSS Features:

W2CSS consists of

• Translation of Word tables.
• Character level styles.
• Hyperlinked Tables of Contents etc.

W2CSS is a unique Word document translator. It is very helpful for those who want to get easy HTML code with simple CSS style descriptions. The W2CSS tries to generate exact HTML copy of the word document provided to it. It decodes style descriptions and saves style labeling. This tool is shareware which means that it can be used in unregistered form for free.

Uses of W2CSS:

W2CSS is used to convert Word document in HTML format by defining color, text font, text position, pictures, borders, table, layout and various other typographic attributes. It furthermore describes non-visual attributes such as the speed and so on.

How to Install the Translator:

System Requirements:

• W2CSS, version 2, runs with Office 97 Words because this program is made in Visual Basic and the previous word versions don’t support Visual Basic language.
• WinZip software is also needed to unzip the W2CSSdoc.zip file.

Files Included In W2CSS:

The files present in the archive W2CSS.zip are:

W2CSS.dot: Translator macro “aCSShtmlTranslator”.

W2CSSfnt.csv: List of fonts.

W2CSS.cfg: Translator configuration settings.

W2CSSdoc.doc: User Guide.

W2CSSdoc.zip: Documentation for the translator, W2CSSdoc.htm, GIF files.

Installation Process:

In order to install the program following steps should be taken.

1. Open file W2CSS.zip from temporary directory with the help of WinZip software. The temporary directory will have five files: W2CSS.dot, W2CSSfnt.csv, W2CSS.cfg, W2CSSdoc.doc and W2CSSdoc.zip.
2. Find the template directory for Word installation which is normally C:\ProgramFiles\MicrosoftOffice\Templates.
3. After this; copy and paste the three files: W2CSS.dot, W2CSSfnt.csv and W2CSS.cfg file into the Templates directory. Try to install or copy paste the files in this directory.
4. The installation process is basically copying all the important W2CSS files into templates directory or any other directory.


W2CSS has many advantages, some of these advantages are:

• It can automatically generate and update table of contents.
• Easy to maintain.
• CSS style can be used by other HTML or word files.
• Easy Table Handling
• Translation of character styles in no time.
• It create simple and easy HTML file which appears okay in non CSS browsers.
• It is a low-cost translator.
• Increases download speed (using CSS syntax instead of images or sound files)
• Numerous new visual control features
• Easy and simple extension for future potentials.
• Shareware tool.


Program Speed:

The W2CSS is not very fast because it executes Visual Basic Code with the Word 97. VB is not like other languages such as C which provides programmers to compress coding and amplify CPU efficiency.

Direct Formatting:

One should not do direct word formatting apart from doing words bold, italic or into hyperlinks. If direct word formatting is done then the accurate results from the translator can not be achieved.

For Example:

In Ms Word two adjacent paragraphs enclosed in identical outline borders are combined making single border around both the paragraphs. The W2CSS translator isn’t capable enough for such kind of changes.

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