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Though this sounds a bit perkily, it’s obvious that our templates are visually attractive else, you won’t be interested to get one. The question is, whether it makes sense to keep the same photos and images when you change the template design to correspond to your company needs. There are pros and cons we’d like to discuss today.

1. Should I change the logo?

When we say logo we mean some graphic element or icon located next to the company name in the header area of the template. Yes, we definitely recommend to change it and here’s why.

First, though the possibility to see the other website built based on the same template comes almost to zero there’s still a chance that after some deep research or just occasionally one of you customers will see your logo on some other site and will definitely get confused.

Secondly, you can’t use this logo to create the corporate style since all the images in the templates are optimized for 72 dpi resolution which is too low for print, so you should know beforehand that you won’t be able to use this logo for the envelope, letterhead or business card.

If you desperately like the logo, you can order the development of this exact logo in vector or high resolution from us but we recommend to at least make some small change to the logo to make it look different from what’s on the template.

If you consider changing the logo but not ready to spend $500 for a logo yet (and that’s the average that professional logo design studios charges for logo) we highly recommend you to visit our logo templates section. These are great designs with the great concepts worth $21 only. Or you can even purchase the logo at unique price of $70 and be the only owner of an absolutely unique design.

2. Should I change the font of the textual logo?

That’s not necessary at all. First, and it’s a proven fact, every company name looks different even if written in the same font and secondly, you can change the color which is usually enough to make the logo look unique.

3. Do I really have to change that cool photo in the header?

Recommended but not necessarily. You can ask our developer to find the image of that same style from our collection (that’ll be of some additional fee) or you can buy the license to use the other photo on the website from some photo website (just type royalty free stock photos in Google).

When looking for a photo you should remember that you can’t use the images you found in Google or some other search engine as most of them are copyrighted and you don’t need troubles, don’t you?

Keep in mind that good photos can’t be cheap. Don’t be greedy when building your website, that’s the photo they’ll see when opening the home page of your site and the first impression they’ll get from you company accordingly, so think about it before buying something that seems to be cheap and not that bad.

4. Can I use the photo from the header for company brochure or some printed material?

No, and there are 2 reasons why. Our agreements with photo providers allow us use the photo on the template (and the website built from the template) only.

Secondly, photo from the header same as the rest of the images on the template has the 72 dpi resolution which is not enough for print. So, if you’d like to use the same photo on the website and printed material, you’d better replace the photo with your own one or the photo from some proto provider (don’t forget to check on the license and 300 dpi).

5. Photos from the photo galleries or photographer portfolio templates.

Changing the photos is the very first thing you should make. Our stock photos are definitely nice but we use them on a variety of templates, and secondly, if you are not a photographer why would you buy the template of this type?

6. Small photos in the body of the template next to some info.

If you don’t have photos of your team, office interior or say office building for the contact page, just keep them what they are. People are so used to the images of this type that they simply don’t page attention to what’s actually on them.

7. Icons in the menu or packages.

Why not, we can change these icons for you for some small fee. We have a large clip art collection that we constantly update, besides there are lots of free icon sets you can find online, or you can buy an icon set from us.

8. Should I consider using a different illustration?

On your own risk. It’s important to know that some of our templates are built around a single illustration and changing it can make the template look completely different. The only solution here is to order something built in the similar style, either from us or some other studio but showing them the template where the illustration will be placed.

Be creative and don’t be afraid to make changes. We can always send you the template files over again 🙂

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