Template Photoshop Tutorial: Changing Header Image

The tutorial we’ve prepared today will help you to easily update the main image in the template header. Follow the instructions and you’ll see that managing our templates is really easy and you can replace the main template header image with any photo from your personal collection or purchased from photo resources. If you’re looking into photo purchase, please pay attention that 72 dpi resolution is quite enough and is the standard for the web.

Double click on the Photoshop icon on your desktop or choose it from the list of programs on your computer. Wait till the program loads. In the main program menu choose File>>Open and open the template .psd file from according location on your computer.


Pay attention to the list of layers on the right, for your convenience we have divided it into folders.


Choose the “head” folder…


… and click on it to see the layers inside.


Click on the area with the globe and the layer containing the header image will be highlighted. In case the layers in the template are not combined into folders and you’re not sure where to look for the layer needed, just click on Alt tab on your keypad same time right clicking with the mouse on the area you are interested in and the according layer will be highlighted.


Drag the photo you would like to use to Photoshop with your mouse or choose File>>Open in the main menu and open the photo/image you would like to use in the header. The new Photoshop document will be created automatically. To move the image to the file with the template, choose Copy from the main menu as it is shown on the screenshot below.


Get back to the template .psd file and choose Paste from the main menu. The new layer with the image will be created by default.


To place the layer with your image over the main image in the template header choose Layer in the main menu and move to “Release clipping mask” in the drop down menu as show on the screenshot.


Now you can see that your image has replaced the main image in the template header. If your image was too big and you see only part of it or you do not like the way it looks in the header, choose Edit>>Free transform.


Now you can resize the image or drag it to position needed. Click on enter to save the transformations made.


In order to change text choose the Text tool from the Photoshop tool bar. If you don’t have the fonts needed, copy the fonts that are provided with template sources to fonts folder on your computer and try over again.


Type the new text and click on enter to save the changes.


To save the updated made to the template Photoshop file choose File>>Save as from the main menu and send the file as indicated on the screenshot below. We recommend to give the file a new name just in case you would like to make some updates to the default template file.


That’s it. Good luck with the template updates and stay tuned!

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