Save Your Site: Useful Tools For Those Who Just Launched

When you have just uploaded the files to your server and launched your website, there are some other steps you should take right away. In most cases the aim of building a website is to get potential customers, real customers and what’s most important bring the sales. It is vital to know who your audience is, how they find your website, where they come from, how long they stay on pages and at what point they leave the website etc etc. The short list of tools in our article today will help you to start in a right manner and move in a right way. We also assume that you are aware of the basic on page search engines optimization and have already made some efforts in this direction. So let’s start.

Google Analytics


You might have definitely heard about Google Analytics. This is the best free analytics tool available and they constantly add new great features. The place to register the account is and all you initially need to get access to the tool is a gmail account. Once you are in, add a website to the list of your account and generate a special tracking code that you should place on every page of your website. Now you have access to all the multiple reports: Visitors, Traffic sources, Content and Goals.

At the very first page you will see the number of daily visits to your website, countries where people come from to visit your website, places in the internet where people come from, most visited pages, the average time on the website and basically short info about everything most important. Using the menu you can go deeper into details and receive the full info about your website visitors. You can also set the so called goal conversions. Goal conversion is the number of visitors that reach some goal you set. For example you sell something online but you don’t know how many people of those who visited your website actually made a purchase. To know your conversion just add the special code on to your “Thank you” page and check the report to see the results.

Summing up, Google Analytics is the tool that will help you know everything about your website visitors and customers.

Google Webmaster Tools


This free tool will tell you where you are on Google, what are the most popular keywords your website shows up for in Google and on what position. They will also check your website for different types of errors, show you the number of incoming and outgoing links, will list the pages that have been indexed by Google on your website and also show you what Googlebot sees your website like. So this tool is all about your position in Google search results. We know that’s very important to be closer to the top as the higher you are, the more customers you can get.

Here’s the link to get in: To verify you’re the website owner (of course they won’t show your stats to other people just because they enter your URL) you’ll have to create a sample HTML page online or add the verification code to the meta on your home page.

SeoQuake Toolbar


To better know your competitors’ websites. Here’s the link to download the extension for Firefox: This toolbar shows the page rank of the pages, the number of pages indexed on the website by Google, Alexa rank, the date the domain name was registered, the number of external links and many many more. You can also quickly get info about the keywords used on the website, and thus know your competitor much better in just several minutes. Summing all above said, you need this tool to get a quick access to useful and important SEO information and compare and evaluate the websites of your competitors quickly.

Compete Toolbar


You’ll need this one to get an access to secret info about traffic of your competitors’ websites. Check this link for the toolbar The toolbar will show you Compete and Alexa rank for the website if it’s been online for some time and has at least 500 visitors per month. This is not the accurate data but it should give you a good idea where your competitor’s website stands in terms of traffic.



Will show you what main keywords your competitors use, on which position they are in Google for these keywords and the average number of searches for the keywords per month. They will also show you the Google Adwords that your competitors use for their business and what’s also important, they will give you a list of the other websites competing for same keyword. That’s amazing. You can start your research here:

Google Trends


To explore the trends for the search terms, follow this link What it actually does, it shows how the certain keyword was developing over the last years, whether it’s getting popular or instead people don’t use this search term any longer. This tool will help you to choose from 2 similar search phrases the one that works. For example let’s check WordPress and Mambo and you’ll know what sells better.

Google Keywords Suggestion Tool


Will help you find the right keywords for your website, you can find the tool here You enter some keywords, get the long list of related keywords and check how popular they are among website surfers. If you find one great keyword bringing lots of traffic but for some reason not used by your competitors, that’s your chance to get over your competition.

Google Diagnostics


If you think that your website was banned by Google or your website is not showing up in Google Index (except it haven’t been indexed yet) it’s time to use this tool: They will help you to understand what you are doing wrong when optimizing your website for Google.  All you have to do is create your Website Diagnostics Panel and see what they tell you. If you have some problem- look for the answer in the same place. I do hope you won’t have to use this tool but it’s good to know about it.

That’s all for today. Stay tuned and watch your websites carefully 🙂

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