Learning to Choose the Right Template

Hey guys! Today we will try to give you some useful tips on choosing the right template for your business. Such a big number of templates that we have might be confusing and we hope that this small article will give you a good idea what template is actually what.

You might have paid attention that the templates on our website are graphically divided into 2 sections: the templates menu on top and the list of templates categories on the right. Let us start with the menu on top. It presents the types of the products available. The name of the template type corresponds to the name of the program/software ( and needed to edit the template accordingly) that was used to create the template or indicates that the product is not the site design, like the logo and corporate identity templates for example.

Categories are meant to help you find the template for some certain business area, like selling books, baby sitting, restaurant business etc. But the dangerous thing is, they show results for all template types, so you should always keep in mind that what you buy is not just a nice picture, but the functionality you’ll have to live with, well at least for some time 🙂

Choosing the right template for your business is mainly choosing the right template type. We’ll explain the difference between different template types below.

02 Website Templates – this type of template is perfect for any starting business.Templates of this type usually consist of the flash animated header area and the template body done in HTML. These templates have great layouts, lots of free space allowing to absolutely change the layout of the page and they have enough room for your texts. Besides, they are easy to edit and even if you have never worked with the HTML code till this moment, you can fill your template with the needed texts and information in several hours.

02 Flash Templates – these templates are good for photographers, developers who need a stunning portfolio, owners of the night clubs, restaurants etc. The templates are not easy to edit but they look really cool and attract attention because of the flash effects used. If you want and need to impress this template type is for you.

02 Flash Intro Templates – for a wow effect. You can use them for every type of website, it’s enough to change the wording and colorscheme to have the flash intro matching your website style and business.

02 SWiSH Templates – basically same flash templates but developed in a different program. There’s a slight difference in animation effects and the cost of the software. Swish is cheaper than Flash and some developers say that it has more user friendly interfaces.

02 Logo templates – this template type speaks for itself. That’s a widest collection of various logos produced by our designers and illustrators for any type of business worth $21 only. We strongly recommend you to check our collection before ordering a logo at $500 price from some “pro” design studio. Results are same but why pay 20 times more?

02 Corporate identity – another great solution for a starting company. Corporate identity package includes business cart, envelope and the letterhead. You can choose the logo and corporate identity package and our developers will help you to combine it into a perfect suit.

02 PHP-Nuke Templates – a little bit old but still popular templates. PHP-Nuke is one of the first content management systems allowing to control your website contenr. We recommend you to buy this type of template only if you know what PHP-Nuke is.

02 osCommerce Templates – the eshop templates for selling goods and products. They already come with the shopping cart, product catalog, option to set your own shipping costs and integrate with the desired payment gateways. You can get additional info on the site of the osCommerce software and acquire the amazing up to date design for your shop from us.

02 Logosets– that’s a set of 10 logos in one package worth about $50. We recommend this product to web developers only as …well… why would anyone need 10 logos to build a single website?

02 Icon Sets – that’s a set of 10 exceptional quality icons. You can purchase one if you’d like to refresh your website and add some new hint into design.

02 phpBB Skins – designs for a world known and most used phpBB forum software . If you have a forum but bored with it’s standard theme, that’s the right template type.

02 ZenCart Templates – another online ecommerce software, similar to osCommerce but a bit different in functionality and the admin area interface. Don’t forger to check the software website before making a decision. Our designs are perfect but what if you don’t like something about the software itself?

02 WordPress Themes – designs for a popular blog system, easy to use and update. If you’re starting a small home or personal business that’s a good template to consider. Check WordPress website for additional info about the blog system.

02 CRE Loaded Templates – meant for selling online. One of the latest but a commercial software to use. We offer multiple designs for this system so if you already have Cre Loaded running on your website, you’re in the right place to get the exciting design.

We hope that this info will help you to choose the right template for your business. If you have some questions or need the professional advice, post a comment and we’ll get back to you.

Good luck and stay tuned!

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