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How To Upload Website Files Online

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

Once you have your website files ready to go online you actually have to upload them online in some way. If you don’t have a developer to do that for you, you’ll have to handle that on your own.  Don’t panic, it is not complicated at all, just follow the instructions from our post and you’ll be able to make it in 5 minutes time.

The very first thing you should think about is the hosting and the domain name for your website. When choosing the hosting company, compare the pricing and pay attention to what’s included into the hosting offer. If you’re just a start up, even the simplest package will work for you perfectly. It’s pretty convenient to buy the domain name from that same hosting provider, but if you have the name already, that’s not a problem. It’s just that you’ll have to wait for another 2-3 days for your domain name to “set up” with the new hosting. It’s always better to speak with support people to make sure that the host works for you (and to make sure there’s actually a support team 🙂 BTW, if your don’t know what a hosting is, in short that’s a place on a remote computer (called server) where your website files will be stored.

Now, when you have purchased some hosting package, you will receive an email from the hosting company with the details of your account. Usually that’s the access to the hosting admin panel, mail settings, access to the so called “ftp” and the database details. If you have only received the access to the hosting admin panel, don’t worry, as a rule you can make all the necessary settings inside your account and without any special knowledge.

Uploading website files is in general copying website files from your computer to some specific folder on the remote computer (server). But since this computer is located in the other place you need to upload it in a special way, using the FTP program and the FTP access provided by your hosting company. FTP is the file transfer protocol which is a specific way to transfer your files to remote computer.

First you need to have some FTP program on your computer. There are lots of them available online for free (at least the trial versions), if you Google it, you’ll find programs like cuteftp, smartftp, coreftp and lots of others. They all work in a same way, let’s see how you can make it with smartftp for example.


Right below the main menu you’ll see the fields to enter the host name, login and password. This is the access to the FTP that your hosting company has sent you or that you can ask to make for you ( or you can make it on your own from the hosting managing panel).


Now enter your info and click on a green arrow. You will see the program connecting. Once it’s done, you’ll see something like this.


In most cases your website files should be uploaded to “public_html” folder, “www” folder or just to the root depending on your hosting settings and info sent to you in the email. So look for these folder, and if you are not sure, it’s better to check with your hosting company.

Now we’ll show the easiest way to upload the files. Just select all the files that you want to upload, right click with your mouse and choose copy. Then get back to the smartftp and in the white area in the middle of the page ( that shows what files are located on the server) right click with your mouse and choose paste. That’s it, the files will start uploading.

Once you have copied all the files you can go ahead and check your website online typing into the browser line. If your website home page doesn’t come up or you see some error, you need to get in touch with the hosting company to see what’s wrong.

Good luck!

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