11 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Template.

The name of the post today speaks for itself. We’ll list answers to the 10 most popular but very important questions answers to which you should know before buying a template.

1. Can I “try” the template before making a purchase?

No, it’s not possible to “try” the template. It makes sense to send the template link to your friends, partners, family and get to know what that think about this exact template you have chosen. There’s no difference, whether you see the template on our website or on your domain name so it’s easy to make the decision.

Take a minute to check our Learning to Choose the Right Template article, it should help you with choosing the right template. If you are interested to try your editing skills, check our Free Sample Templates section. For this, choose any template of the type you are interested in and go to the template detailed page. There you’ll find the link to download the sample template of according type. Keep in mind that you can’t use the sample website to built a website, it’s meant for testing purposes only.

2. How can I edit the template? Is there some place to edit it?

Our templates are the design plus HTML code or flash only. There’s no admin area where you could change the content, place your logo or upload new images. In order to edit the look and layout of the template you have to edit the template source files, which include graphical .psd files (Photoshop), .html files and flash .fla files, if that’s a flash template or a usual template with the flash header animation.

In order to edit these files you’ll need some programs (listed in the Software required section for every template) and you’ll need to know how to actually work with these programs and update the files. If you are not sure you can edit the template on your own, we highly recommend to contact us for the help. For a very affordable fee we will add your logo, content and images on the template pages and will make sure the website is ready to go online.

3. Is it easy to edit the template?
Yes, editing the template is easy but you should have at least the beginner skills working with the programs listed in the Software required section. We have some tutorials in our help center here at www.template-help.com and there are lots of free tutorials available online.

4. I know how to work with the Frontpage, can I edit the template?

If you have chosen a website template or a CSS template and don’t plan updating the graphics (you’re just replacing the texts on pages) then you can. In all the other cases you should have all the programs listed in the Software Required section to be able to customize the template to fit your needs.

5. There’s a search form on the template, it’ll work, right?

No, the search form or the property listings won’t work, that’s just the design element. We do not produce templates with scripts and we don’t program elements like the search form. The only exclusion here are the templates based on the CMS which means a content management system, that is osCommerce, Creloaded, WordPress, phpBB, php-Nuke, Joomla, Mambo and Magento templates.

6. How will you deliver the template?

We don’t ship the discs with the templates. We’ll send you an email with the link to download your template files in about 5 minutes after the purchase has been made and verified by the billing officer. You will be able to download template files during 3 days after template purchase, after that the link will become inactive. If you didn’t have a change to save template files to your computer during this time, feel free to contact us and we’ll resend you the link.

7. What files are included into the template package?

Inside the template zip file you’ll find the following folders: screenshots, site, site_flash (if that’s a flash site) and sources folder. Screenshots folder contains the screenshots of the pages, the site and site_flash folders have the html files or flash file accordingly (that’s the template files that are usually uploaded to the server). The sources folder contains all the template source accordingly, including graphical files, fonts, flash and the clipart library.

8. Can you tell me who have purchased the template before me?

No, this is a confidential information. Taking into account the number of websites online, the possibility you will find the website built from the same templates comes to zero (especially if you have customized the template).

9. Can I get a discount?

Why not, we’ll glad to offer our returned customers ( over 10 templates purchased) a 5% discount.

10. Can you help me to choose the design?

We can help you to choose the right template type, but in terms of template design, you’re the only one to take the decision. Noone knows your business and your preferences better than you do.

11. Will the template look absolutely the same on my website?

Yes, the template will look exactly the same as you see it on our website. It’ll have all the nice flash effects, roll-overs and sounds. By the way, if you don’t like the sounds we can replace them for you at a small fee.

If you still have some questions about the templates, feel free to visit our online help center here http://template-help.com. Good luck!

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