11 Reasons To Buy The Template

Reason 1: You get professional design that is extremely cheap

The average template cost is $65 only. This is fantastic as you get professional up-to date design that costs at least 20 times less than a unique design by some average custom design studio! You may be asking yourself what’s the trick, but the answer is very simple.

Reason 2: You get the latest design

Web changes almost immediately and what was popular 5 years ago looks like an outdated crap now. Our designers keep pace with the times, we know all the latest design tendencies and we use the only up-to date techniques when creating the template. And again, speaking about the price, you can change your website designs every other year as it costs only $65 to get a new, shiny and amazing website.

Reason 3: You get the website in 5 minutes after the purchase

How long does it usually take to have a website designed? Weeks, months? You can get the website ready to go online in 5 minutes after the purchase! We will send you all the template source files in one .zip file, besides there can’t be any type of frustrating mistakes as it usually happens, as every templates passes quality control department.

Reason 4: You don’t have to think about menu names or page layout.

If you are just starting your business and not sure which pages the website of this or that type should have, don’t worry as we have already made it for you. When starting working in some direction like for example lawyer, business or even a toy website, we make a deep study of the subject. We review hundreds of websites to find out the similar features, the most needed elements, the key point of this direction. If you are not sure where to start you can rely on us, as at the end you will come to same results, so why spend your time if we have already done that for you.

Reason 5: You can easily change designs

If you choose a theme based template like Wordpres for example, changing your website design will take no longer than a few minutes. We have multiple themes to offer you and we add new templates daily so come visit us at least once a week for the updates.

Reason 6: You don’t have to explain to design team what you want

That’s probably one of the most complicated tasks to explain what you need and how you need it. We have solved this problem. We have over 23 thousands of designs in our collection, so even if you need something very very special, you will definitely find it among such a variety of templates of different typed and categories. To make it easier, we have tagged all the templates with the keywords and you can use the template search to easily find what you need.

Reason 7: You will never see the similar website online

The total number of websites on the Internet has now exceeded 200 million. Even if the template has been purchased 3 times, the possibility you will meet a similar website online is same as meeting the dinosaur in the center of New York.

Reason 8: You don’t have to pay for professional images used

Browsing the websites online we sometimes realize that it is one stunning photo that makes the site look impressive but we don’t think how much it costs to get such an image. You can get low quality photos for $1 and you can get real works of art for $500. With our templates you don’t have to pay for the photo or illustration separately. With the template purchase you get the license to use the photo from the template on your website which considerably helps to keep the development costs down and still have the photo that is worth to look at.

Reason 9: You can get all the “business accessories” needed in one place

Apart from website design templates we offer the variety of products for your business. If you don’t have a logo, you can get one for as low as $20. If you need a business card, envelope and the letterhead, no problem, you can get it all for a low price and in one place here.

Reason 10: You don’t need anyone’s help to edit the template

We have invented new types of templates that give you full control over your website. Our Dynamic Flash Photo Galleries is the solution photographers and people of art were desperately looking for. Now you can login to the admin area and make the necessary updates in minutes.

Reason 11: You can order template customization right here. We’re flexible.

We have very competitive pricing for template customization services. You don’t have to be a pro to have your website customized, we will do all the work for you. We will add your logo and texts, upload the website online and make sure it works perfect.

Stay tuned!

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